In the crib, in the baby seat, or in the stroller, these plushies provide warmth and comfort, and they help the little ones fall asleep. This is why Fur Buddies are the perfect company.

What kind of seeds do we use for their stuffing?

The best seeds for stuffing Fur Buddies are wheat seeds, which we always mix with dried lavender flakes.

This choice was the result of several factors, detailed below:

  • Ergonomics. They embrace any body shape perfectly and are extremely cozy.
  • Hygiene. They do not stain when heated in the microwave.
  • Resistance. They do not get dry if we use them correctly.
  • Aroma. When mixed with lavender, their smell is pleasant.
  • Therapy. They maintain their temperature for long enough to ease pain in aching muscles.

Fur Buddies is the perfect combination of company, cozy warmth, and relaxing coolness. They were created with the intention of accompanying the little ones in those situations in which friendship and love must break through to soothe pain with company and relieving stress.