According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), one of the challenges grandparents face is knowing to what extent they can get involved in the raising of their grandchildren. This organization gives some tips to avoid parent-grandparent conflicts

Do not criticize or judge

Grandparents must respect the right parents have when choosing the way they raise their child.

Congratulate and give positive feedback

Being parents is exhausting on many occasions, which is why grandparents should support their children and congratulate them on the good work they do.

Be specific

Acceptable and unacceptable behaviors may differ between grandparents and parents. If grandparents consider that when their grandchildren are with them they must follow their rules, this must be communicated to their children. In most cases, grandparents will have to give in.

Always put safety first

Although parental authority must be respected, grandparents must also ensure that their grandchildren are not abused or neglected. In these situations, social services should be consulted.

Honesty and communication of grandparents

Many times, work causes parents to abuse grandparents’ leisure time in a certain way and they forget the limitations their age, and even health status, imposes. This is why grandparents must be honest and sensible when establishing their obligations towards the upbringing of their grandchildren and not become their main caregivers. They should also be communicative with their children, tell them about their doubts, and ask for help if necessary.

Finally, there is the concept of the so-called 'spoiling' of grandparents towards grandchildren. They should be able to spoil them and grant some whims to their beloved little ones, but without exceeding the limits and seeking balance.